How To Fix Error Code 077-90 In Dell Printer?

Dell Printers provide the best quality of the prints but various times its users face problems while printing the documents which severely hamper the work of the users and they get annoyed by these errors. The common error users face while printing a document is the Dell Error code 077-90 which is paper jam code and they are not able to get a print of their document.

This can be solved by very easily by customers itself but if they want to tackle this problem without getting into any further problem or any issue then they should contact our experts through Dell Printer Support Number without any hesitation. And in the same manner, if you need more information concerned with this then in that situation you can go through Fix Dell Printer Common Error Codes. And apart from that, you can also follow the steps provided below to deal with this fault manually and very quickly.

Causes of the Fault:

• Printing papers have stuck in the cartridges.
• Encoder strips are not placed correctly.
• Cartridges need to be replaced.
• Multiple printing commands have given by the users to the printing which causes the printing jams.

Follow the instructions to troubleshoot Dell Error code 077-90 fault without any problem:

Step 1: You have to deal with the jammed papers to troubleshoot the error.

Step 2: Restart your system and then you are required to turn off the printer and have to remove the cords which are connecting the system and the printer.
Step 3: Open the setup of the printer and then see manually if there is any jammed paper present in the cartridges. If so, remove the jammed papers cautiously.
Step 4: Now connect the printer and the computer and turn on the printer and try to print a document.
Step 5: If the problem still persists then users have to print the system settings report.
Step 6: This has to be done so that you are able to clean the “feed roller”.
Step 7: After cleaning the “feed roller” users have to navigate to the “customer mode” and have to run the “manual feed”.
Step 8: Restart your computer and try to print a document.

Dial Dell Support Number for any Kind of Support

If users still face any problem while following the steps or they still face this fault even after following the steps then they should get in touch with the experts through Dell Support Number toll-free freely as our experts are available 24X7 and users can call us from anywhere.

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