How To Fix MCU Firmware Error In Dell Printer?

Dell Printer provides one of the finest qualities of the print through their latest features. Dell has marked its presence in the market by providing the latest technology to its users. But still, as it is a technical product and hence prone to certain glitches and errors which are technical in nature and these errors are not solved by the not so tech-savvy customers. One of the common is the MCU (machine control unit) error which is faced by the customers of the Dell due to some problems in the software of the product, hardware of the printer, and due to permission issues.

This also comes to the surface when there is an issue with the driver of the application when the driver f the printers are not up to date as with the driver of the system the MCU error occurs. So if users also face this similar situation and they are not able to handle this technical error as they do not have that much technical knowledge then they should get expert’s advice through an expert team to troubleshoot this error and to troubleshoot Error 077-90 in Dell Printer and you can also reach them through Dell Printer Support otherwise follow the steps to manually troubleshoot the problem.

Steps to Troubleshoot this Error in the Printer:

  • Firstly users are required to turn off and on the printer.
  • To do so, cancel them all the printing jobs which are in the queue.
  • After that turn off the printer by pressing the power button for a long time.
  • Then users are required to disconnect the USB cable connecting the printer to the computer.
  • Wait for 10 minutes then connect the product and then turn it on.
  • After turning on the product, users have to verify the MCU driver and firmware driver.
  • To do so, go on Windows task-bar and then click on “status monitor control” and then in the “printer selection” select “dell color laser”.
  • Now clock on “update” icon and then click next and follow the update wizard to complete the update.

Ask For Technical Support Through Dell Technical Support

If users are still facing issues with this and even after following the steps they are not able to troubleshoot the problem then you should get in touch with the experts through Dell Printer Technical Support.

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